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Psyche Abandoned

Psyche Abandoned, 1795 — Jacques-Louis David,

Psyche Abandoned is a Neoclassical, Oil on Canvas Painting created by Jacques-Louis David in 1795. It lives at the Private Collection in The World of Art. The image is in the Public Domain, and tagged The Nude in Art, Greek and Roman Mythology, and Psyche. Source

"Alone and in despair, Psyche mourns the flight of Cupid, which she has involuntarily provoked. Despite having been forbidden as a mortal to look upon the god, Psyche could not resist discovering who was her lover at night. While Cupid slept, she watched him by the light of an oil lamp; moved by his beauty, she spilled a drop of oil. Cupid awoke and fled." — Montalbetti Valérie, for the Louvre.

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