The Eventuality of Destiny

The Eventuality of Destiny, 1927, Giorgio de Chirico
146 cm114.3 cm

The Eventuality of Destiny is a Neoclassical Oil on Canvas Painting created by Giorgio de Chirico in 1927. It lives at the Art Institute of Chicago in the United States. The image is . Source

In the years following World War I, artists across Europe sought to put the disruptions of war behind them. Searching for a new artistic vocabulary, they moved away from the fragmented forms of prewar Cubism and looked to the classical tradition, forging what was known as the “return to order.” This new style had many sources of inspiration, including the art of ancient Greece and Rome, the Renaissance, and even later Neoclassical revivals. Giorgio de Chirico was likewise attracted to the idea of classicism; his The Eventuality of Destiny is in part the result of his study of the works and techniques of the Old Masters.

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