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Gustave Doré
Father of Horror, Father of Fantasy

Gustave Doré, The Artists
Portrait of Gustave Doré

Gustave Doré was a French Printmaker born on January 6, 1832. Doré contributed to the Romantic movement and died on January 23, 1883.

Jacob Wrestling with the Angel, Gustave Doré

Jacob Wrestling with the Angel 1855

The Inferno, Canto 15, Gustave Doré

The Inferno, Canto 15 1861

The Inferno, Canto 21, Gustave Doré

The Inferno, Canto 21 1861

The Inferno, Canto 5, Gustave Doré

The Inferno, Canto 5 1861

The Inferno, Canto 7, Gustave Doré

The Inferno, Canto 7 1861

Paradiso, Canto 34, Gustave Doré

Paradiso, Canto 34 1868

Andromeda, Gustave Doré

Andromeda 1869

Loch Lomond, Gustave Doré

Loch Lomond 1875

Landscape in Scotland, Gustave Doré

Landscape in Scotland 1878

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Life of Gustave Doré, Recommended Reading

Ok this is a cool one. Rather than a contemporary analysis of a long-dead artist, this biography of the genius engraver Gustave Doré was written by his friend and collaborator Blanchard Jerrold and first published just 8 years after Doré's death.

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