Trivium Art History
Bronze Age
Golden Hat of Schifferstadt, 1300 BCE — Bronze Age,

Life in the Bronze Age may have been more fashionable that we typically give it credit for. This magnificent hat is the oldest known example of a strangely specific form of Prehistoric couture known as golden hats

Discovered in 1835 in a field near the town of Schifferstadt in Southwest Germany, the Golden Hat of Schifferstadt stands nearly a foot tall, and is made from a single sheet of gold hammered into shape, then tooled into intracate ring and dot patterns. It looks to have been attached to a cloth inner cap with a chinstrap to keep it in place. The hat's purpose is unknown, though it was discovered buried upright on a slab of back-burnt clay, filled with a mixture of earth and ash, with three bronze axes leaning against the cone, leading some to suggest a ritual associated with a bronze age sun cult.

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