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The Magus, Book 1

by Francis Barrett, 1801

The rarest of the 19th century grimoires

In the decades between Newton and Darwin, and 100 years into the Age of Enlightenment, an eccentric occult philsosopher named Francis Barrett translated and compiled a massive compendium of magical knowledge. Published in 1801, The Magus contained selections from Cornelius Agrippa's third and fourth books of occult philosophy, the Heptameron of Peter of Abano, and writings by Zoroaster, Apollonius, and many other early magicians. Together in one volume, The Magus became one of the most sought-after occult books of the 19th and 20th centuries, influencing occultist Eliphas Levi, the practices of the fraternal order, The Golden Dawn, and remains one of the foundations of ceremonial magic practice to this day.

The Magus is a long book, divided into two volumes. We'll be putting up as many chapters as we have time to add, starting at the beginning. Check back for updates, or email us at encourage us to finish.

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Introducing a volume containing the ancient and modern practice of the cabalistic art, natural and celestial magic

Introduction to the Study Of Natural Magic

The influence of the stars on man, a prayer, and the theory of Natural Magic

Natural Magic Defined

Natural magic defined—of man—his creation—divine image—and of the spiritual and magical virtue of the soul.

Of The Wonders Of Natural Magic

Of the wonders of natural magic, displayed in a variety of sympathetic and occult operations throughout the families of animals, plants, metals, and stones, treated of miscellaneously.

Of Amulets, Charms, And Enchantments

The instrument of enchanters is a pure, living, breathing spirit of the blood, whereby we bind, or attract, those things which we desire or delight in

Of Unctions, Philters, Potions, & Their Magical Virtues

Unguents convey the virtues of things natural to our spirits, and multiply, transform, transfigure, and transmute it accordingly

Of Magical Suspensions And Allegations

Showing how, and by what power, Magical Suspensions receive virtue, and are efficacious in natural magic

Of Antipathies

It is necessary to speak of the antipathies of natural things, where any thing shuns its contrary, and drives it, as it were, out of its presence.

Of The Occult Virtues Of Things

Of the occult virtues of things which are inherent in them only in their life-time, and such as remain in them even after death.

Of The Wonderful Virtues Of Some Kind Of Precious Stones

It is a common opinion of magicians, that stones inherit great virtues, which they receive through the spheres and activity of the celestial influences

Of The Mixtures Of Natural Things

Of the mixtures of natural things one with another, and the producing of monstrous animals, by the application of natural magic.

Of The Art of Fascination, Binding and Sorceries

Of the art of fascination, binding, sorceries, magical confections, lights, candles, lamps, etc. etc., being the conclusion of the natural magic.