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Portrait of a Violinist

Anne Vallayer-Coster, 1773

Portrait of a Woman

Catharina van Hemessen, 1551

Portrait of a Woman

Adélaïde Labille-Guiard, c. 1787

Portrait of a Woman

Henri Rousseau, 1895

Portrait of a Woman

Henri Rousseau, 1895

Portrait of a woman in red

Chaïbia Talal, 1970

Portrait of a Woman with a Black Hood

Mary Beale, 1660

Portrait of a woman with acanthus leaves

Leonor Fini, 1946

Portrait of a Young Venetian Woman

Albrecht Dürer, 1505

Portrait of a Young Woman

200 CE

Portrait of a Young Woman

Martin Schongauer, 1480

Portrait of a Young Woman - Vaite Jeanne Goupil

Paul Gauguin, 1896

Portrait of a Young Woman in White

Jacques-Louis David, 1798

Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I

Gustav Klimt, 1907

Portrait of Amalie Zuckerlandl

Gustav Klimt, 1917

Portrait of Berthe Jacques (Wife of the Artist)

Ferdinand Hodler, 1894

Portrait of Brigadier Abenova

Aisha Galimbaeva, 1984

Portrait of Consort Chunhui

Giuseppe Castiglione, 郎世寧, 1760

Portrait of Edith, The Artist's Wife

Egon Schiele, 1915

Portrait of Emilie Flöge

Gustav Klimt, 1902

Portrait of Emma Schmidt-Müller

Ferdinand Hodler, 1915

Portrait of Frances Greene Nix

Anne Goldthwaite, 1935-1940

Portrait of Fritza Riedler

Gustav Klimt, 1906

Portrait of Gypsy Woman

Olga Boznańska, 1888

Portrait of Julia Jackson

Julia Margaret Cameron, 1867

Portrait of Katherine Mansfield

Anne Estelle Rice, 1918

Portrait of Lady Hoja

Giuseppe Castiglione, 郎世寧, 1760

Portrait of Lydia Delectorskaya

Henri Matisse, 1947

Portrait of Marie Henneberg

Gustav Klimt, 1901-1902

Portrait of Marie-Joséphine Buron

Jacques-Louis David, 1769

Portrait of Mrs. Hasellter

Leonor Fini, 1942

Portrait of Mrs. Paramena

Gottfried Lindauer, 1885

Portrait of Pare Watene

Gottfried Lindauer, 1878

Portrait of Pisana Mocenigo

Rosalba Carriera, 1739

Portrait of Rebecca Hourwich Reyher

Irma Stern, 1925

Portrait of Sonja Knips

Gustav Klimt, 1898

Portrait of Sulgun Hemrayeva

Durdy Bayramov, c. 1970

Portrait of the Duchess of Urbino

Piero della Francesca, 1465-1466

Pregnant Woman with Folded Hands

Käthe Kollwitz, 1898-1899


Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1882

Red and White

Edvard Munch, 1899-1900

Red Verandah

Amrita Sher-Gil, 1938

Reo Tahiti (Vairaumati)

Paul Gauguin, 1897

Retrospective Bust of a Woman

Salvador Dalí, 1933

Return of Spring

William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1886

Return Voyage No.2

Leonor Fini, 1985


Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1868


Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller, c. 1930

Sancta Lilias

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1874

Seated Figure, Right Hand on Ground

Henri Matisse, 1908
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