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Martin SchongauerTitan of Printmaking

Martin Schongauer was a German Printmaker born in 1445. Schongauer contributed to the Northern Renaissance, and Gothic movements and died on February 2, 1491.

Schongauer is considered one of the finest early european printmakers. Innovative and unique he invented new burin techniques that engraved copper deeper as well as new cross hatching marks that are still used today, check out George Washington on the dollar bill. His etchings take on a surrealist look, 500 years before surrealism was a thing. Known mostly for his printmaking prowess there are a few surviving paintings. There is an art hisory myth that Albrecht Durer travelled to study printmaking and engraving with Martin Schongauer. When Durer arrived, Martin had died. Both their fathers were gold smiths and Schongauer was the best printmaker in the Holy Roman Empire, maybe Durer thougth they we hit it off.  The question begs, would Durer have created such a seminal way of working in printmaking if he would of studied with Martin. Remeber, this is a myth albiet a fun one. 

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