Self Portrait with Lowered Head Selbstporträt mit gesenktem Kopf

Egon Schiele, 1912

Self Portrait with Lowered Head, 1912 — Egon Schiele,

One of Egon Schiele's many eerie self-depictions — striking here is the reoccurring accentuation of the hands and the thumb: the thumb seems not to fit into Schiele’s design concept, so that he often omits it or renders it severely angled. Schiele’s head is bent, the eyes turned upwards, which makes the white of the eyes appear like crescent moons in an otherwise dark face. The dark head with sunken cheeks shines out from the bright background. Above the blue-red lips sits a little moustache, which Schiele only had in between the late fall of 1911 and beginning of 1912. The series of expressive self-portraits of the year 1912 is continued in 1914, when Schiele had Anton Josef Trčka take photographs of himself. Each photograph is consciously constructed and plays effectively with eccentric gesture and facial expression.

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