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Venus Italica

Venus Italica, 1823 — Antonio Canova
175.3 cm

Venus Italica is a Neoclassical, Marble Sculpture created by Antonio Canova from 1822 to 1823. It lives at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The image is available via Institutional Open Content, and tagged Venus, and Sculpture. Source

Canova's first marble Venus is in the Palazzo Pitti, Florence. Known as the Venus Italica, it was ordered in 1804 by Ludovico I, King of Etruria, as a replacement for the ancient Medici Venus that had been taken by the French for the Musée Napoleon. This replica, believed to have been purchased from Canova's studio by the third marquess of Londonderry when he was visiting Rome in 1823, remained in Londonderry House, London, until 1962. [Source, James D. Draper, 2004 for the MET]

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