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Emma, 1900 — André Breton

Emma is a Dadaist, Hair Sculpture created by André Breton in 1900. It lives at the Collection of André Breton in Paris. The image is tagged Sculpture.

A gift from André Breton to Jean-Jacques Lebel.

May be a reference to the short story "A Tress of Hair" by Guy Maupassant which contains the passage:

"... One evening, I realized, feeling the thickness of a panel, then there had to be a hiding place. My heart began to beat, and I spent the night looking for the secret without being able to discover. 
I succeeded the next day by sticking a knife into a slit of the woodwork. A board slipped and I saw, spread out on a black velvet background, a wonderful woman's hair! 
Yes, a hair, a huge mat blond hair, almost red, which had to be cut against the skin, and bound by a golden cord. 
I was startled, trembling, confused! An almost imperceptible perfume, so old that it seemed the soul an odor, flew this mysterious drawer and this amazing relic ... "

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