Theories of Religion

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The Veda and knowledge of the sacred law

Chapter 2

Author Unknown200 BCE

The proper life of a Brahmana

Chapter 4

Author Unknown200 BCE

The spiritual impact of good and evil deeds

Chapter 12

Author Unknown200 BCE

Punishments, penance, and the removal of guilt through austerities

Chapter 11

Author Unknown200 BCE

Tribes, castes, and more laws for Brahmana

Chapter 10

Author Unknown200 BCE

More laws for marriage and family

Chapter 9

Author Unknown200 BCE

The judicial system, and laws for evidence and witnesses

Chapter 8

Author Unknown200 BCE

Laws for kings, and for proper leadership

Chapter 7

Author Unknown200 BCE

How a Brahmana may live an ascetic life

Chapter 6

Author Unknown200 BCE

Laws of food and laws of purification

Chapter 5

Author Unknown200 BCE

Laws for marriage and family, and offering sacrifices to the gods

Chapter 3

Author Unknown200 BCE

The creation of the universe, gods, humans, and animals

Chapter 1

Author Unknown200 BCE


William Blake,1825-1827

Attraction and repulsion, reason and energy, love and hate, are necessary to human existence. From these contraries spring what the religious call Good and Evil... Good is heaven. Evil is hell.

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

William Blake,1790

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