How do you express the divine? Artists share visions of God, enlightenment and re-tell the stories of their faith — creating artwork for contemplation, for worship, and to strike fear into the hearts of sinners. We don't know what happens after death, but history has a few ideas.

Dost thou see how the unjust tyranny of worldly power and the might of darkness prevail? Hear, thou knight of Christ, ride on beside the Lord Jesus; guard the truth, win the martyr's crown!

A prayer for the safety of Martin Luther

Albrecht Dürer — 1521

The penalty of sin remains as long as the hatred of self...

The 95 Theses



William Blake — 1824-1827

El Salvador

El Greco — 1610-1614

She is Divine Wisdom... She is awesome in terror as the Thunderer's lightening, and gentle in goodness as the sunshine.

Writings on the Holy Spirit

Hildegard von Bingen — 1100


Titian — 1551-1554

I am Nin-jirsu. No country can bear my fierce stare, nobody escapes my outstretched arms.

The Building of Ningirsu's Temple - Cylinder A

Gudea, King of Lagash — 2125 BC

The day was for supplication, the night was for prayer. The moonlight ... early morning, its master.

The Building of Ningirsu's Temple - Cylinder B

Gudea, King of Lagash — 2125 BC

Attraction and repulsion, reason and energy, love and hate, are necessary to human existence. From these contraries spring what the religious call Good and Evil... Good is heaven. Evil is hell.

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

William Blake — 1790