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And then everything will be ended. Everything will be ended. I shall die with the dying year.

The Final Days

Marie Bashkirtseff,1884

What if I should die suddenly, carried away by some swift disease? After my death they would search among my papers; my journal would be found, my family would destroy it, and in a short time, of me there would remain nothing—nothing—nothing!


Marie Bashkirtseff,1884

I was in my bathtub when the first Big Berthe fell. It was evident that some new terror was upon us.


Romaine Brooks,1930

Who can hope to attack effectively what indifference has made invincible?


Romaine Brooks,1930

I to bring to these people my spontaneous good-will; my art ... while on the other hand, they bring to me nothing but their unfriendly, inquisitive and mischievous selves.

The Drudgery (Of Society)

Romaine Brooks,1930

My young reputation attracted a number of strangers to our house. Several distinguished personages came to see me, among them the notorious Count Orloff, one of Peter the Third's assassins.

Chapter 1 — Youth

Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun,1835

My indifference to money no doubt proceeded from the fact that wealth was not necessary to me.

Chapter 3 — Work and Pleasure

Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun,1835

On my arrival one of them brought in a jar of rose-water, with which he sprinkled my hands; then the tallest, whose name was Davich Kahn, gave me a sitting. I did him standing, with his hand on his dagger.

Chapter 2 — Up The Ladder Of Fame

Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun,1835

I remember being awakened one morning by voices in the room where I slept.

Memories of Childhood in Gréville-Hague

Jean-François Millet,1881

Suddenly an immense wave rose up like a raging mountain, caught the vessel and carried it towards the beach.

The Shipwrecks

Jean-François Millet,1881

My mind seems to have become a kind of machine for grinding general laws out of large collections of facts

The Autobiography of Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin,1887

The town was on fire, the quarter where the poor Jews lived. They carried the bed and the mattress, the mother and the babe at her feet, to a safe place at the other end of town. But, first of all, I was born dead.

My Life - Marc Chagall Autobiography: Chapter 1

Marc Chagall,1922

His appearance is notable because of his bushy beard ... believing as he does that complete freedom to produce must be granted to the innovator whose thought is elevated toward the beautiful and the good.

Henri Rousseau — Autobiography

Henri Rousseau,1895

I was born undisciplineable. No one was ever able to make me stick to the rules, not even in my youngest days.

Claude Monet by Himself

Claude Monet,1900

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