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The good, the enlightened of all ages and nations, have found pleasure and consolation in the beauty of the rural earth.

Essay on American Scenery

Thomas Cole — 1836

Universal beauty does not arise from form, but from the dynamic rhythm of inherent relationships. Art has shown that it is a question of determining the relations.

Plastic Art and Pure Plastic Art - Part 1

Piet Mondrian — 1936

I shall endeavor to show what the principles are in nature, by which we are directed to call the forms of some bodies beautiful, others ugly; some graceful, and others the reverse.

The Analysis of Beauty - Introduction

William Hogarth — 1753

Plants, flowers, leaves, the paintings in butterflies wings, shells, etc. seem of little other use than entertaining the eye with the pleasure of variety.

The Analysis of Beauty - Chapter 2: Of Variety

William Hogarth — 1753

Fitness of design...either by art or nature, is first to be considered, as it is of the greatest consequence to the beauty of the whole.

The Analysis of Beauty - Chapter 1: Of Fitness

William Hogarth — 1753