Movements of Modernism
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Movements of Modernism
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Movements of Modernism


Soldier with a pipe is from which art movement?

MinimalismHanoi SchoolDadaRegionalismCubismNextSee the work! ↗

Migration Series No.53: African Americans, long-time residents of northern cities, met the migrants with aloofness and disdain is from which art movement?

FauvismHarlem RenaissanceHanoi SchoolSymbolismVienna SecessionNextSee the work! ↗

The Ecumenical Council is from which art movement?

FauvismSurrealismArt NouveauCubismNextSee the work! ↗

Light, loneliness is from which art movement?

ConstructivismDe StijlFuturismSurrealismCubismNextSee the work! ↗

Interior of a Display Temple is from which art movement?

FuturismDadaConstructivismSymbolismNextSee the work! ↗

Der Frühling (Fassung IV) is from which art movement?

Art NouveauDe StijlSymbolismCubismDadaNextSee the work! ↗

Curtain for Le Coq d'Or: Third Act is from which art movement?

SurrealismAbstract ExpressionismSocial RealismCubismNextSee the work! ↗

Fruit and a Jug on a Table is from which art movement?

Art DecoCubismConstructivismSocial RealismNextSee the work! ↗

Mother and Child (Abstract) is from which art movement?

CubismSymbolismRegionalismFuturismHanoi SchoolNextSee the work! ↗

Migration Series No.11: Food had doubled in price because of the war is from which art movement?

Hanoi SchoolSymbolismSuprematismHarlem RenaissanceArt DecoNextSee the work! ↗

Sketches for Eisler Terramare High Chair is from which art movement?

Harlem RenaissanceFuturismVienna SecessionArt NouveauMinimalismNextSee the work! ↗

Migration Series No.43: In a few sections of the South leaders of both Black and White communities met to discuss ways of making the South a good place to live is from which art movement?

Vienna SecessionSymbolismSurrealismDadaHarlem RenaissanceNextSee the work! ↗
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