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Wally in Red Blouse with Raised Knees is from which art movement?

DadaExpressionismSocial RealismFuturismHarlem Renaissance
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Portrait of Rebecca Hourwich Reyher is from which art movement?

SuprematismExpressionismRegionalismHanoi SchoolSurrealism
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Kestner Portfolio, Proun 1 is from which art movement?

SuprematismConstructivismAbstract ExpressionismSurrealism
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Painterly Architectonics is from which art movement?

FuturismArt NouveauSurrealismSuprematism
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Stella, Lady Bailey is from which art movement?

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Peasant War print 1: The Tiller is from which art movement?

SurrealismRegionalismDe StijlExpressionism
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Study for Planes in Modulated Surface is from which art movement?

Art DecoSocial RealismVienna SecessionMinimalismRegionalism
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