Movements of Modernism
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Movements of Modernism
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Movements of Modernism


Still Life with Ginger Jar 2 is from which art movement?

Art NouveauDadaConstructivismCubismSocial RealismNextSee the work! ↗

Migration Series No.39: Railroad platforms were piled high with luggage is from which art movement?

RegionalismHarlem RenaissanceMinimalismSymbolismDadaNextSee the work! ↗

Self-Portrait is from which art movement?

SurrealismArt NouveauDe StijlArt DecoNextSee the work! ↗

Migration Series No.24: Their children were forced to work in the fields. They could not go to school is from which art movement?

ConstructivismSurrealismCubismHarlem RenaissanceFuturismNextSee the work! ↗

Why Not Sneeze, Rose Sélavy? is from which art movement?

FauvismDadaExpressionismVienna SecessionNextSee the work! ↗

Devonshire House 1918: VAD workers filing papers in the ballroom is from which art movement?

SymbolismDe StijlArt NouveauSocial RealismNextSee the work! ↗

Composition in Red Black and Gold is from which art movement?

Abstract ExpressionismCubismSurrealismSymbolismSuprematismNextSee the work! ↗

The red fence, Gränna is from which art movement?

SymbolismFauvismHarlem RenaissanceCubismRegionalismNextSee the work! ↗

Self-Portrait at the Age of Nine is from which art movement?

MinimalismRegionalismAbstract ExpressionismExpressionismFauvismNextSee the work! ↗

Migration Series No.16: After a lynching the migration quickened is from which art movement?

RegionalismFauvismHarlem RenaissanceSocial RealismSymbolismNextSee the work! ↗
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