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Migration Series No.17: Tenant farmers received harsh treatment at the hands of the planter is from which art movement?

Harlem RenaissanceFuturismHanoi SchoolCubismArt Nouveau
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Creole Dance is from which art movement?

De StijlFauvismSurrealismSocial Realism
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Young Woman Combing Her Hair is from which art movement?

SurrealismConstructivismCubismArt NouveauExpressionism
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Descent from the Cross is from which art movement?

Art NouveauDe StijlMinimalismCubismSymbolism
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Animated Fantastic Landscape is from which art movement?

SurrealismFauvismArt DecoHanoi SchoolArt Nouveau
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Self-portrait as a dancer is from which art movement?

DadaHanoi SchoolSurrealismFuturismExpressionism
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Migration Series No.31: The migrants found improved housing when they arrived north is from which art movement?

Harlem RenaissanceSymbolismExpressionismMinimalismFauvism
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Portrait of Rebecca Hourwich Reyher is from which art movement?

ConstructivismHarlem RenaissanceFuturismFauvismExpressionism
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Hot Pink with Cool Grey is from which art movement?

DadaArt DecoSurrealismSymbolismDe Stijl
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Issa and the Skull of the Giant is from which art movement?

FuturismHanoi SchoolSymbolismSuprematismRegionalism
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Olympia in War Time: Royal Army Clothing Depot is from which art movement?

FuturismCubismAbstract ExpressionismSocial RealismRegionalism
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Ingres's Violin is from which art movement?

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