Movements of Modernism
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Movements of Modernism
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Movements of Modernism


Textile Design in Yellow and Black is from which art movement?

FuturismArt NouveauSymbolismArt DecoConstructivismNextSee the work! ↗

Migration Series No.25: They left their homes. Soon some communities were left almost empty is from which art movement?

RegionalismHarlem RenaissanceConstructivismCubismFauvismNextSee the work! ↗

Portrait de Jacques Nayral is from which art movement?

SuprematismSocial RealismCubismFuturismNextSee the work! ↗

Composition No. 3 is from which art movement?

FauvismCubismVienna SecessionSuprematismNextSee the work! ↗

The Rhine at Duisburg is from which art movement?

Vienna SecessionCubismExpressionismDadaNextSee the work! ↗

Migration Series No.35: They left the South in great numbers. They arrived in the North in great numbers is from which art movement?

SuprematismCubismRegionalismDe StijlHarlem RenaissanceNextSee the work! ↗

Migration Series No.23: The migration spread is from which art movement?

DadaSocial RealismMinimalismHarlem RenaissanceNextSee the work! ↗

Unique Forms of Continuity in Space is from which art movement?

MinimalismFuturismFauvismSymbolismAbstract ExpressionismNextSee the work! ↗

Migration Series No.43: In a few sections of the South leaders of both Black and White communities met to discuss ways of making the South a good place to live is from which art movement?

ConstructivismSurrealismArt NouveauCubismHarlem RenaissanceNextSee the work! ↗
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