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Silver Vase with Cuneiform, Mesopotamia

Silver Vase with Cuneiform

2400 BCE
Mycenaean Bull Rhyton, Aegean Civilizations

Mycenaean Bull Rhyton

1550 BCE-1500 BCE
King Untash-Napirisha Axe Head, Mesopotamia

King Untash-Napirisha Axe Head

1300 BCE
Isis and Horus, Ancient Egypt

Isis and Horus

640 BCE
Tetradrachm, Ancient Greece


499 BCE
Hunterston Brooch, Viking Age

Hunterston Brooch

700 CE
Seated Buddha, Classical India

Seated Buddha

700 CE
Mammen Silver-inlaid Axehead, Viking Age

Mammen Silver-inlaid Axehead

970 CE
Zodiac Ewer, Medieval Persian Art

Zodiac Ewer

Inkpot and Desk Clock, François-Thomas Germain

Inkpot and Desk Clock

François-Thomas Germain, 1752
Coffeepot, François-Thomas Germain


François-Thomas Germain, 1757
Dish, François-Thomas Germain


François-Thomas Germain, 1757-1758
Candlesticks, François-Thomas Germain


François-Thomas Germain, 1757-1759
Chocolate Pot, François-Thomas Germain

Chocolate Pot

François-Thomas Germain, 1765-1766
Trans-Siberian Railway Egg, Peter Carl Fabergé

Trans-Siberian Railway Egg

Peter Carl Fabergé, 1900
The Moscow Kremlin Egg, Peter Carl Fabergé

The Moscow Kremlin Egg

Peter Carl Fabergé, 1906
Red Cross Egg, Peter Carl Fabergé

Red Cross Egg

Peter Carl Fabergé, 1915
Pine entwined with Wisteria, Peter Carl Fabergé

Pine entwined with Wisteria

Peter Carl Fabergé, 1908-1917
To Be Looked At, Marcel Duchamp

To Be Looked At

Marcel Duchamp, 1918
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