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Oil on Linen

Les Fétiches, Loïs Mailou Jones

Les Fétiches

Loïs Mailou Jones, 1938
Head of Dancer, Gwendolyn Knight

Head of Dancer

Gwendolyn Knight, c. 1950
Laburnum, Hans Hofmann


Hans Hofmann, 1954
Untitled (Remnant from 18 Happenings in 6 Parts), Robert Rauschenberg

Untitled (Remnant from 18 Happenings in 6 Parts)

Robert Rauschenberg, 1959
Dusk, Gwendolyn Knight


Gwendolyn Knight, 1960
A Student, Durdy Bayramov

A Student

Durdy Bayramov, c. 1970
Turkmen Decorations and Self-Portrait, Durdy Bayramov

Turkmen Decorations and Self-Portrait

Durdy Bayramov, 1975
Untitled XI, Willem de Kooning

Untitled XI

Willem de Kooning, 1975
Steve, Barkley L. Hendricks


Barkley L. Hendricks, 1976
In the Land of Peace, Durdy Bayramov

In the Land of Peace

Durdy Bayramov, c. 1980
Fountain of Youth, Richard Hambleton

Fountain of Youth

Richard Hambleton, 1982
Portrait of Mergen with Turkmen ornaments, Durdy Bayramov

Portrait of Mergen with Turkmen ornaments

Durdy Bayramov, 1991
Small Seasons, Brice Marden

Small Seasons

Brice Marden, 2012-2013
Photo Bloke, Barkley L. Hendricks

Photo Bloke

Barkley L. Hendricks, 2016
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