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Colored Pencil

Mental Asylum Band-Copse

Adolf Wölfli, 1910

The Atlantic Ocean and the Harbor of Cradle-Beach

Adolf Wölfli, 1911

The Eyeglass-Butterfly in India

Adolf Wölfli, 1911

Giant City, Band-Wald-Hall

Adolf Wölfli, 1911

Gourmet Food Store: Feeding the Fishes

Adolf Wölfli, 1911

Australia is without Doubt the Habitat of the Giant Strawberry

Adolf Wölfli, 1911

Crucifixion of the Holy St. Adolf

Adolf Wölfli, 1914

Cleopatra — St. Adolf-Ring, Giant City in India

Adolf Wölfli, 1915

The St. Adolf-Swiss-Tower

Adolf Wölfli, 1918

The St. Adolf-Ship in the Great Eastern Sea

Adolf Wölfli, 1918

Christoph Columbus

Adolf Wölfli, 1930


André Breton, 1933

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