Venus of Dolní Věstonice

29000 BCE

Seated Woman of Çatalhöyük

6000 BCE

The Sleeping Lady

4000 BCE-2000 BCE

The Liver Tablet

1600 BCE

Egyptian Vessel

1400 BCE

Jar with Dragons

1200 BCE-1100 BCE

Lapita carinated vessel, Teouma Pot No. 2

c. 1200 BCE-1000 BCE

Lapita Pottery Sherds

c. 1220 BCE-910 BCE

Hut Urn

800 BCE

The Oldest Love Poem

800 BCE

Isis Nursing Horus

663 BCE

Costumed Figure

600 CE-800 CE

Bowl with Arabic Proverb


Bowl with Arabic Inscription


Madonna and Child

Luca della Robbia, 1475

Assembly: Female nude Slavic woman's head emerging from a Vase

François Auguste René Rodin, 1900-1910
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The stone that glows like human skin


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