Self-portrait, Olga Boznańska


Olga Boznańska, 1906
Le Muillard, Élisabeth Chaplin

Le Muillard

Élisabeth Chaplin, c. 1920
Abstract Composition, Théo Kerg

Abstract Composition

Théo Kerg, 1933
Untitled, 1950s, Madge Gill

Untitled, 1950s

Madge Gill, 1950
Many Mansions, Madge Gill

Many Mansions

Madge Gill, 1951
Epitalamio, Carlos Mérida


Carlos Mérida, 1968
Bande de Sureté / Twin City / Nipples, Robert Rauschenberg

Bande de Sureté / Twin City / Nipples

Robert Rauschenberg, 1971
Amman by Midnite, Ali Al Jabri

Amman by Midnite

Ali Al Jabri, 1991
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The stone that glows like human skin

Ink, Mediums


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Charcoal, Mediums


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