Portrait of the artist's mother, Ms. Anne Ducreux b. Béliard

Joseph Ducreux, c. 1790


Aaron Douglas, 1936

Feeding the Fishes

John Dunkley, c. 1940

Spider’s Web

John Dunkley, c. 1940

Three Spanish Jars

John Dunkley, c. 1940

The Jungle

Wifredo Lam, 1943

Marilyn Diptych

Andy Warhol, 1962

Open No. 122 in Scarlet and Blue

Robert Motherwell, 1969

Elegy to the Spanish Republic No. 110

Robert Motherwell, 1971


Willem de Kooning, 1972

Now and Again It Flowers

Ibrahim Hussein, 1973

Atrocities in the Sakania Prison

Tshibumba Kanda-Matulu, 1973-1974

General Pétillon pelted with tomatoes

Tshibumba Kanda-Matulu, 1973-1974

Lumumba Speaks in Kinshasa

Tshibumba Kanda-Matulu, 1973-1974

Still Life

Andy Warhol, 1976

Future Indicative

Lee Krasner, 1977

The Echo of Silence

Théo Kerg, 1979


Richard Hambleton, 1982

Jumping Shadow

Richard Hambleton, 1983


Richard Hambleton, 1983

Jumping Shadow (Sonic Shadowman)

Richard Hambleton, 1983-1984


Richard Hambleton, 1984


Richard Hambleton, 1985


Richard Hambleton, 1985

Wave Length

Richard Hambleton, 1985

Jumping Shadow (3 red -lined boxes, sonic spinners)

Richard Hambleton, 1986-1988

Untitled #5

Agnes Martin, 1991

Sneakin’ In

Thornton Dial, 1992

Magic Man

Richard Hambleton, 1993

Untitled #10

Agnes Martin, 1995

What future for our art?

Chéri Samba, 1997

I Love the Whole World

Agnes Martin, 1999


Stelios Votsis, 1999


Agnes Martin, 2001

The début of Chéri Samba

Chéri Samba, 2003


Richard Hambleton, 2007

The real map of the world (N°1)

Chéri Samba, 2011

I'm not enlightened, I'm not clear

Chéri Samba, 2013

December Horse and Rider

Richard Hambleton, 2014

Shadow Head Portrait

Richard Hambleton, 2014

The Dancers V

David Hockney, 2014
More Art Mediums


The stone that glows like human skin



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