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Lorenzo Monaco, 1400

Virgin and Child

Lorenzo Monaco, 1410

Saint Francis Receiving the Stigmata

Lorenzo Monaco, 1420

Mary Magdalene

Carlo Crivelli, 1480

Madonna and Child

Giampietrino, 1510-1525

Still life with fish, oysters and shrimps

Clara Peeters, 1650

The Little Street

Johannes Vermeer, 1657-1661

The Milkmaid

Johannes Vermeer, 1658-1661

Woman Reading a Letter

Johannes Vermeer, 1663

The Love Letter

Johannes Vermeer, 1669-1670

Metamorphosis of a Caterpillar to a Butterfly

Maria Sibylla Merian, 1679

Tulip, two Branches of Myrtle and two Shells

Maria Sibylla Merian, 1700

Floral Wreath with Insects

Maria Sibylla Merian, 1700

Still Life with Flowers on a Marble Tabletop

Rachel Ruysch, 1716

Portrait of Jacob Maris

Matthijs Maris, 1857

View of Lausanne II

Matthijs Maris, 1861-1862

The New Haarlem Sluis at the Singel

Matthijs Maris, 1871

Woman Sewing

Vincent Van Gogh, 1881

The Artist's Sister-in-law

Marie Bashkirtseff, 1881

The Shepherdess (Monumental Conception of Humanity)

Matthijs Maris, 1887-1892

Willem Matthijs Maris with Violin

Matthijs Maris, 1872-1899

The King's Children

Matthijs Maris, 1899-1900

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