12 artworks from the Vatican Museums

Circular “pilgrim” Flask, The Etruscans

Circular “pilgrim” Flask

750 BCE
Pair of Hands, The Etruscans

Pair of Hands

700 BCE
Gold Pectoral of Cerveteri, The Etruscans

Gold Pectoral of Cerveteri

675 BCE
Large Wall Fibula, The Etruscans

Large Wall Fibula

675 BCE
Mars de Todi, The Etruscans

Mars de Todi

500 BCE
Laocoön and His Sons, Ancient Greece

Laocoön and His Sons

200 BCE
Hercules of the Theatre of Pompey, Ancient Greece

Hercules of the Theatre of Pompey

2 CE
Nero's Bath, Ancient Rome

Nero's Bath

64 CE
The Braschi Antinous, Ancient Rome

The Braschi Antinous

138 CE
Pietà, Michelangelo


Michelangelo, 1498-1499
The Last Judgment, Michelangelo

The Last Judgment

Michelangelo, 1536-1541
The Daughters of Lot, 3, Carlo Carrà

The Daughters of Lot, 3

Carlo Carrà, 1940
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