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Movements of Modernism
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Movements of Modernism
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Movements of Modernism


Self-portrait as a dancer is from which art movement?

FuturismArt NouveauSuprematismAbstract ExpressionismDadaNextSee the work! ↗

Rosebushes under the Trees is from which art movement?

Vienna SecessionCubismHanoi SchoolSuprematismExpressionismNextSee the work! ↗

To Be Looked At is from which art movement?

Art DecoFauvismDadaShona SculptureDe StijlNextSee the work! ↗

Degenerate Madonna is from which art movement?

SymbolismDadaConstructivismArt NouveauSurrealismNextSee the work! ↗

Cubist Composition is from which art movement?

De StijlMinimalismExpressionismCubismFuturismNextSee the work! ↗

Vir Heroicus Sublimis is from which art movement?

MinimalismArt DecoShona SculptureConstructivismNextSee the work! ↗

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