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Mount Taibai, 太白山圖

Mount Taibai, 太白山圖, 1368 — Wang Meng,
27 cm238 cm

The painting depicts the Tiantong Temple and Taibai Mountain along with the surrounding scenery in Yinxian County, Zhejiang Province; especially highlights the pine forests beside the path as long as 20 li in front of Tiantong Temple; in the picture, there are layer upon layer of mountains being viewed in the distant, purling brooks, among which figures coming back and forth; the painting is with loose and flexible, pretty and smooth strokes and simple and elegant coloration; there are 4 small characters in seal script—“painting of Taibai Mountain” upper right quarter in the center of the painting and an inscription—“Wang Meng Seal” affixed to the bottom of the painting; the scroll painting was considered the representative work of Wang Meng in his later years according to the research of modern men.

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