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Ushiwakamaru Fights Benkei on Gojô Bridge

Ushiwakamaru Fights Benkei on Gojô Bridge, 1850, Utagawa Kuniyoshi
Ushiwakamaru Fights Benkei on Gojô Bridge, zoomed in
36.9 cm75.9 cm

Ushiwakamaru Fights Benkei on Gojô Bridge is an Edo Period Wood Block Print created by Utagawa Kuniyoshi from 1847 to 1850. It lives at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in the United States. The image is in the Public Domain, and tagged Violence and Demons. SourceDownload

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The full title:

Disgusted by the Arrogant Misdeeds of the Taira, Sojobo of Mount Kurama and the Rest of the Eight Tengu Become Close Companions of Ushiwakamaru and Recruit Heroes as His Followers in Order to Restore the Minamoto Clan

Heike no kyôsha akugaku o nikumi Kuramasan no Sôjôbô o hajime shosan no hachi tengu Onzôshi Ushiwakamaru no kagemi ni soi Genke no saikô o kuwadateru ni zuijû no eiyû o fukusashimuru zu

五条橋で牛若丸と天狗は弁慶を伏さしむる 「平家の驕奢悪逆を憎み鞍馬山の僧正坊を始め諸山の八天狗御曹子牛若丸の影身に添ひ源家再興を企るに随従の英雄を伏さしむる図」

Reed Enger, "Ushiwakamaru Fights Benkei on Gojô Bridge," in Obelisk Art History, Published June 08, 2016; last modified May 19, 2021, http://arthistoryproject.com/artists/utagawa-kuniyoshi/ushiwakamaru-fights-benkei-on-gojo-bridge/.

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