100 Aspects, No 1. The Courtesan Takao

100 Aspects, No 1. The Courtesan Takao, 1885, Tsukioka Yoshitoshi
36.8 cm24.1 cm

100 Aspects, No 1. The Courtesan Takao is an Edo Period Wood Block Print created by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi in 1885. The image is in the Public Domain, and tagged The Moon. Source

In the sixteenth century in Japan, there was a famous lineage of courtesans who went by the name Takao. Yoshitoshi's biographer John Stevenson suggests this image may be the 6th Takao, who was also known for her poetry — inspired by birdsong and her distant lover to compose the verse: "By now you must be near Komakata - a cuckoo calls."

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