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Thomas Eakins
America's uncompromising realist

Thomas Eakins, The ArtistsThe Gross Clinic
Portrait of Thomas Eakins

Thomas Eakins was a U.S. artist born on July 25, 1844. Eakins contributed to the Realist movement and died on June 25, 1916.

The Biglin Brothers Racing, Thomas Eakins

The Biglin Brothers Racing 1872

The Gross Clinic, Thomas Eakins

The Gross Clinic 1875

The Chess Players, Thomas Eakins

The Chess Players 1876

The Swimming Hole, Thomas Eakins

The Swimming Hole 1885

The Agnew Clinic, Thomas Eakins

The Agnew Clinic 1889

Portrait of Amelia Van Buren, Thomas Eakins

Portrait of Amelia Van Buren 1891

The Concert Singer, Thomas Eakins

The Concert Singer 1890 – 1892

Portrait of Maud Cook, Thomas Eakins

Portrait of Maud Cook 1895 – 1895

Between Rounds, Thomas Eakins

Between Rounds 1898 – 1899

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