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Richard Teschner, 1913
Princess, Richard Teschner
Princess, zoomed in
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Princess is a Silk Painting created by Richard Teschner in 1913. It lives at the TheaterMuseum in Vienna. The image is in the Public Domain, and tagged Puppetry and Princess. SourceDownload

Richard Teschner elevated puppetry to a fine art by applying graceful Javanese rod puppetry techniques to his personal brand of strange, sinister worldbuilding. The titular princess from Prinzessin und Wassermann, “The Princess and the Watersprite"—a puppetry theater production by Richard Teschner. Teschner was 34 when he created this elaborate production, two years after discovering Javanese rod puppetry that had been brought to the Netherlands by Dutch explorers. Teschner already ran a successful marionette company in Prague, but rod puppetry became his signature style and defined the rest of his career.

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