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Girl at the pump

Girl at the pump, 1872 — Matthijs Maris
34 cm26.5 cm

Girl at the pump is a Realist, Oil on Canvas Painting created by Matthijs Maris in 1872. It lives at the Groninger Museum in Netherlands. The image is in the Public Domain, and tagged Girl. Source

This painting was created by the enigmantic dutchman Matthijs Maris, during his time in Paris. Maris would have been 33, and his later, more mature 'foggy' style has yet to develop. Instead, his palette and technique still harken back to the almost medieval formality of Maris's hero — Jean-François Millet. In this painting, the daughter of Maris's brother's maid, a girl named Julie Crottard, pumps water into a pitcher. The painting's originial collectior, Veendorp, called it "a sublime summary of everything Dutch painting can do, starting with Van Eyck."

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