Trivium Art History

The Meal at Drya's House

The Meal at Drya's House, 1961 — Marc Chagall,
64.1 cm 41.9 cm

‚ÄúDryas and his family were busy round the table.¬† One of the sheep-dogs grabbed some meat and fled through the door.¬† Dryas dashed off in pursuit.¬† In the course of this pursuit he saw Daphnis.¬† He flung his arms around Daphnis and led him indoors.¬† When they (Daphnis and Chlo√©) saw one another they very nearly sank to the ground; but managing to stay upright they wished one another good morning and kissed each other.¬† Thus Daphnis got more that he had hoped for ‚Äď not only a glimpse of Chlo√© but a kiss as well.¬† He sat close to the fire and unloaded the wood-pigeons and blackbirds, and described how he had gone to catch birds.¬† They praised him for being so energetic and invited him to dinner.‚Ä̬†

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