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The Burial at Ornans

Gustave Courbet, 1849 – 1850
The Burial at Ornans, Gustave Courbet
The Burial at Ornans, zoomed in
315 cmThe Burial at Ornans scale comparison660 cm
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The Burial at Ornans is a Realist Oil on Canvas Painting created by Gustave Courbet from 1849 to 1850. It lives at the Musee d'Orsay in Paris. The image is in the Public Domain, and tagged Death in Art. SourceDownload

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Gustave Courbet, a Biography, Recommended Reading

A thoughtful biography of the controversial Courbet by the historian Gerstle Mack. It's an old volume, and the artwork reproductions and in black and white, but it's cheap, and good.

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