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Why take art so seriously?

Giuseppe Arcimboldo, The Artists
Portrait of Giuseppe Arcimboldo

The Viennese royalty must have had a sense of humor. In 1562, Giuseppe Arcimboldo became the court portraitist, a position of honor and dignity, for Ferdinand the First. Generations of court painters had set the bar for stiff formal portraits of kings and dignitaries, and along comes Giuseppe painting everyone as piles of fruit.

But the Hapsburg court was as different as Giuseppe’s surreal portraits — a hotbed of ambition, drawing intellectuals and inventors. Giuseppe himself left Milan, and proceeded to invent a type of harpsichord, design costumes and write poetry for the royals. While he painted a number of classical portraits, it was certainly his constructions that captured the imagination of the court. Giuseppe took care to portray his subjects in forms that spoke to their interests. “The Librarian” is thought to depict Wolfgang Lazius, a historian — and the “Four Seasons” were meant to show the harmony and plenty of the Hapsburg empire.

Was Giuseppe Arcimboldo ahead of his time? Oddly, no — his work was provocative and well-recieved in his own time, but his influence has persisted to this day. From the surrealists’ personification of objects to the composite photographs overused by modern advertising, Guiseppe taught us to love the double-take.

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Giuseppe Arcimboldo was an Italian artist born in 1526. Arcimboldo contributed to the Mannerist movement and died on July 11, 1593.

Spring, Giuseppe Arcimboldo


Summer, Giuseppe Arcimboldo


The Winter, Giuseppe Arcimboldo

The Winter

Earth, Giuseppe Arcimboldo


The Air, Giuseppe Arcimboldo

The Air

The Fire, Giuseppe Arcimboldo

The Fire

Water, Giuseppe Arcimboldo


Autumn, Giuseppe Arcimboldo


Flora, Giuseppe Arcimboldo


Four Seasons in One Head, Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Four Seasons in One Head

Rudolf II of Habsburg as Vertumnus, Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Rudolf II of Habsburg as Vertumnus


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