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Farrukh Beg
A Sufi Sage, The Personification of Melancholia, 1615 — Farrukh Beg,

A Sufi Sage, The Personification of Melancholia

Farrukh Beg, 1615

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38.2 cm25.6 cm

The Sufi sage was painted near the end of Farrukh Beg's long career — a distinctly autobiographical image of an old man lost in thought, eyes downcast and faced away from the bloom of nature behind him. The work was inspired by a game of continental 'telephone' — Farrukh having interpreted an engraving by Dutch artist Raphael Sadeler, who was working from an artwork by Maarten de Vos’s 'Dolor', which was inspired in part by Dürer’s Melancholia.

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