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Armando Morales, The Artists
Portrait of Armando Morales

“Armando Morales paints with dream material to show us that every great painting is something that never took place before. It doesn't reflect the world: It creates the world. [He] is a realist who bathes reality in dreams. Morales is a crepuscular painter because at dusk the real and the fantastic meet. He is a Latin American painter because he keeps all the traditions of art alive, refusing to sacrifice a single one. He does not accept a linear, exclusive modernity. He is a universal painter because he has emerged from the imprisoned time of his borders to stand exposed to the elements with no more protection than his genuis and his work. He is a unique painter for, as in Wordsworth’s poem, he is only a solitary heart lodged in a dream.”

—Carlos Fuentes, “Painting is a Dream,” in Armando Morales: Peintures récentes, Galerie Claude Bernard, Paris, 1995, unpaginated.

Reed Enger, "Armando Morales, Images from an unpolluted mind," in Obelisk Art History, Published November 06, 2019; last modified November 06, 2019, http://arthistoryproject.com/artists/armando-morales/.

Armando Morales was a Nicaraguan artist born on January 15, 1927. Morales died on November 16, 2011.

Women, Armando Morales


Study of Male and Female Torsos, Armando Morales

Study of Male and Female Torsos

Pescadoras 2 (Fishermen), Armando Morales

Pescadoras 2 (Fishermen)

Three Women at the Beach, Armando Morales

Three Women at the Beach

Municipal Park, Armando Morales

Municipal Park

Jungle, Armando Morales


Rainforest, Armando Morales


Rainforest 2, Armando Morales

Rainforest 2

Dreaming Woman, Armando Morales

Dreaming Woman

Still Life with Papaya, Armando Morales

Still Life with Papaya


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