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We use Copyright term according to U.S. Copyright Law, defining unpublished works as entering the public domain 70 years after the artist's death, and all works published before 1923 as within the public domain. In other countries, the duration of copyright term may differ. Please check copyright length according to your country's legislation before you consider reproducing images borrowed from arthistoryproject.com.

Artworks protected by copyright are supposed to be used only for contemplation. Images of that type of artworks are prohibited for copying, printing, or any kind of reproducing and communicating to public since these activities may be considered copyright infringement. Certain images depicting public domain artworks may themselves be copyrighted, typically images of three-dimentional artworks, where two-dimentional representation includes some element of interpretation. For these copyrighted images we use either images that have been released into the public domain by museums or institutions via an "Open Access" program, or under the terms of educational fair use. Please check the copyright label before using images or texts.