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Must toiling Man for ever meet disgrace, and eat his hard earn’d bread with heated face, and all his acts in dull Oblivion lay

On Labour, Creativity and Patriotism

Joseph Mallord William Turner,1809

Wake! For the Sun, who scatter'd into flight The Stars before him from the Field of Night,

The Rubaiyat

Omar Khayyam1120

His glasses strangely dulled, his eyes they became an opaque barrier

We Flirted

Florine Stettheimer,1920

Silence was speaking at my side, With an exceedingly clear voice, I knew the calm as of a choice, Made in God for me, to abide.

My Sister's Sleep

Dante Gabriel Rossetti,1850

The crocus, in the shrewd March morn, thrusts up its saffron spear

The Seasons


Rest, rest, for evermore, Upon a mossy shore

Dream Land


The artist-mind alone can feel his meaning...

The Love of Beauty


Her breath caught with short plucks and fast:— Then one hot choking strain. She never breathed again:

Of My Lady in Death

Thomas Woolner,1850

Her spirit sits aloof, and high, Altho' it looks thro' her soft eye Sweetly and tenderly.

My Beautiful Lady

Thomas Woolner,1850

All knowledge hath taught me, All sorrow hath brought me, Are smothered sighs That pleasure lies

O When and Where

Thomas Woolner,1850

Ægir, the Norse god of the sea, and Bragi, the god of poetry, debate history



In which we learn how to write stylish, rhymic, clearly understandable verse.

Language and Style

350 BCE

In which we learn a simple recipe to construct the plot, characters and iconic moments of a tragic play.


335 BCE

In which we learn about the three primary forms of imitative poetry: tragedy, epic poetry, and comedy.

Poetic Forms

335 BCE

Your kingship is good for the people. The people spend their days in abundance thanks to you.

A Praise Poem of Iddin-Dagan

1900 BCE
The Poet Dainagon Sees an Apparition

The Poet Dainagon Sees an Apparition

Utagawa Kuniyoshi,1860
The Oldest Love Poem

The Oldest Love Poem

800 BCE
Six Tuscan Poets

Six Tuscan Poets

Giorgio Vasari,1544

And I made a rural pen, And I stained the water clear, And I wrote my happy songs — Every child may joy to hear.

Songs of Innocence

William Blake,1789

Without doubt you can call him John Testicle, who sets himself to criticizing someone else who could be his master for a hundred years.

Poems in mockery of painter Giovanni Baglione


I travelled through a land of men, A land of men and women too, And heard and saw such dreadful things, As cold earth wanderers never knew.

The Mental Traveler

William Blake,1803

And I who am changed through her, as the winged magician wishes, do not see or ask anything but virtue and beauty, whence I could perhaps discern your whole soul.

Sonnets for Laura Battiferri

Agnolo Bronzino,1560

I’d like to find and lose the philosopher’s stone. Make love and never lose control. Remove a great number of living beings with impunity. Afterward resuscitate a very small number of the dead.


Man Ray,André Breton,1937

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