When artists are burnt out from commissions and the confines of their studios, they go outside. Nature brings the rediscovery of solitude and the awe of the unknown. Natural art may not always be in vogue, but we always go back to nature when we need it.

The pleasure of traveling, it seems to me, is chiefly experienced after the journey is over; when we can sit down by our own snug fire-side, free from all fatigues and annoyances...

Sicilian Scenery and Antiquities — Part 1

Thomas Cole — 1844

We see that nations have sprung from obscurity, risen to glory, and decayed. Their rise has in general been marked by virtue; their decadence by vice, vanity, and licentiousness. Let us beware!

Sicilian Scenery and Antiquities — Part 2

Thomas Cole — 1844

Old Timer

Emily Carr — 1931-1932


Peder Balke — 1847-1849