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Heirophante, Pour Dauphine

Heirophante, Pour Dauphine

Leonora Carrington,1958

She is Divine Wisdom... She is awesome in terror as the Thunderer's lightening, and gentle in goodness as the sunshine.

Writings on the Holy Spirit

Hildegard von Bingen,1100

And behold! A pit of great breadth and depth appeared, with a mouth like the mouth of a well, emitting fiery smoke

Pt.1, Vision 2: Creation and The Fall

Hildegard von Bingen,1152

I saw a great mountain the color of iron, and enthroned on it One of such great glory that it blinded my sight

Pt.1, Vision 1: God Enthroned Shows Himself to Hildegard

Hildegard von Bingen,1152
Scivias 2.1: The Redeemer

Scivias 2.1: The Redeemer

Hildegard von Bingen,1150

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