The Dictionary of Women Artists has been an invaluable resource for Trivium. During our first year of research, building up to our first 100 documented artists, history's dramatic skew towards male artists became more and more intolerable to us. Women's effect on art and culture has been systematically overlooked, and the result is a lack of resources, images, records and documentation of female artists. It's awful, but books like The Dictionary of Women Artists act as a starting point for change. 

We've primarily used the The Dictionary of Women Artists as a ground zero for discovering and researching women artists. Honestly, it's only recently we ordered a physical copy, due to the scarcity and high cost of the book (If you decide to follow the Amazon link and get a copy for yourself, I recommend looking under the used listings). Luckily for us all, Google Books has a copy that is searchable enough to uncover great material on many individual artists. Most recently we've used the book to inform our writing for the tragically abused Marie Bracquemond and the badass cubist Marie Laurencin. The Dictionary of Women Artists will be an invaluable resource to us for a long time.