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Trivium's practive quizzes are a fun, easy way to test your knowledge and learn through active engagement with art. Sample quizzes are listed below, but with our dynamic quiz builder artworks from nearly any movement, medium or date range can become a quiz. We also support the creation of custom quizzes, where each artwork and question type is handpicked. If you're interested in learning more about Trivium's practice quizzes, or would like to request a custom quiz, feel free to reach out.

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Land art! Feminist art! International art!

Artwork of the 1970's


Dolmen or menhir?

Artifacts of Prehistory

So much more than Picasso

The artists of Cubism

Can you guess the century?

When was it made?


Etching or engraving? Ink or blood?

Know your Art Media

Gotta catch em all!

Movements of Modernism

Architecture Quiz