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1. Choose and research two artworks

Imagine that you're a private investigator, and you've been asked to determine if an artwork by a well-known artist was influenced by a previous artwork. Choose two artworks, created at least 70 years apart, that seem to be similar in style, composition or subject matter, and research to come to a decision about whether the earlier artwork influenced the later artwork. Choosing artworks can be tricky, but don't be afraid to selecgt pieces that are separated by hundreds of years or thousands of miles. Many artists studied and were influenced by art history, and you might uncover connections that surprise you. While you're choosing artworks, consider questions like the following:

2. Choose one of the projects below


Write a 2 page investigation that describes how the two images are or aren't related. Try to find tangible connections. Did the second artist know the work of the first? Did the second artist visit the place where the first artist worked? First, attempt to connect the works by any means necessary, then decide of those connections seem realistic or far-fetched.


Compose a 1 act play, where you, the P.I., tell your client what you've discovered about the connection between the art pieces. Include why the client is interested in the outcome, and their response to the information you've uncovered.

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