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Trivium's art history projects are aimed at students in 9th grade through undergraduate university degrees. Each project is designed to engage students' critical thinking skills, exercise their visual understanding of art, and build robust research skills. Every project targets specific objectives in the U.S. Common Core standards, and offers multiple ways for students to complete them. We're always looking for new, engaging art history projects—if you have a project to suggest, or have questions about our projects, let's chat!

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Curate a mock exhibit

This is your big break

Imagined autobiography

An artist's most pivotal moment

Our imperfect memory

What do we remember and why?

Art & Influence

Nothing is original

A Study in Composition

You'll want a ruler for this one

Representation on Wikipedia

A high-stakes, real-world project

Learning to see

Understanding art's formal properties

A Memorial to Yourself

Like a tombstone, but better

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