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Reed Enger is an experience designer at Google, and brings industry leading platform design to Trivium Art History. Reed is an advocate of open source software, exploring eye-tracking and facial-recognition technology. Reed also revives esoteric typeface designs, bringing contemporary legibility to blackletter with the typeface ‘Melic’ and digitizing Hildegard von Bingen’s Litterae Ignotae. More info at: reedenger.com

Rick Love is the chair elect of the School of Art and Design at the University of Northwestern St. Paul. Rick teaches courses in art history and manages a print studio focused on traditional intaglio, lithography, wood block and photo-transfer. Rick also works with the Haitian non-profit Papillon Enterprises to develop their print studio in Port Au Prince and create new opportunities and jobs for local artisans. More info at: ricklove.com


Trivium Art History partners with educators and students to help submit artwork, writings, and biographies to the Trivium library. To date, Trivium has recieved over 1500 artwork and writing submissions from students. Additionally, Trivium partners with historians and graduate students to publish long-form editorial essays and new academic content.

Friends and Partners

Sartle — See Art Differently

Sartle is like Trivium's sassy art history cousin. Short essays on art and artists on the topics they didn't include in your art history class — babes, bromances, and evil dictators

Humanities Watch

"Can culture help us live well?" asks Humanities Watch, a group reporting on Humanities news and offering a dryly satirycal take on issues of education, art and science. We especially love their Socratic dialogues, Education is Useless and Against Reading: why life is better spent doing other things

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