Neo-plastic Art

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Conflict is also a part of life and of art, but it is not the whole of life or of universal beauty. Life is the interaction of two oppositions of the same value.

Plastic Art and Pure Plastic Art - Part 2

Piet Mondrian,1936

Universal beauty does not arise from form, but from the dynamic rhythm of inherent relationships. Art has shown that it is a question of determining the relations.

Plastic Art and Pure Plastic Art - Part 1

Piet Mondrian,1936

Neo-Plasticism demonstrates exact order. Equilibrium through neutralizing opposition annihilates individuals...and creates a future society as true unity.

General Principals of Neo-Plasticism

Piet Mondrian,1926

It is the creation of a new form which expresses the relativity between weight and expansion, between rotation and revolution; here, in fact, we have life itself caught in a form which life has created in its infinite succession of events.

Plastic Dynamism

Umberto Boccioni,1913

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