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The boy not only equalled his master, but ... brought back to life the true art of painting

The Life of Giotto

Giorgio Vasari,1550

It is not possible to describe the beauty that Sandro depicted

The Life of Sandro Botticelli

Giorgio Vasari,1550

He was brought up in Venice, and took unceasing delight in the joys of love


Giorgio Vasari,1550

I have heard tell, he had made some heads from nature, so beautiful and so well executed that speech alone was wanting to give them life.

Piero della Francesca

Giorgio Vasari,1550

...In the first is a river of red wine, about which are singers and musicians, both men and women, as it were drunk, and a naked woman who is sleeping, so beautiful that she might be alive, together with other figures; and on this picture Tiziano wrote his name.


Giorgio Vasari,1550

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